The Best Quotes from Catch Me If You Can (2002)

Nobody’s Chasing You!

Carl Hanratty: How’d you do it, Frank? How’d you pass the bar in Louisiana?

Frank Abagnale, Jr.: What are you doing here?

Carl Hanratty: Listen…

Frank Abagnale, Jr.: I’m sorry I put you through all this.

Carl Hanratty: You go back to Europe, you’re gonna die in Perpignan Prison. You try to run here in the States, we’ll send you back to Atlanta for 50 years.

Frank Abagnale, Jr.: I know that.

Carl Hanratty: I spent four years trying to arrange your release. Had to convince my bosses at the FBI and the Attorney General of the United States you wouldn’t run.

Frank Abagnale, Jr.: Why’d you do it?

Carl Hanratty: You’re just a kid.

Frank Abagnale, Jr.: I’m not your kid. You said you were going to Chicago.

Carl Hanratty: My daughter can’t see me this weekend. She’s going skiing.

Frank Abagnale, Jr.: You said she was four years old. You’re lying.

Carl Hanratty: She was four when I left. Now she’s 15. My wife’s been remarried for 11 years. I see Grace every now and again.

Frank Abagnale, Jr.: I don’t understand.

Carl Hanratty: Sure you do. Sometimes, it’s easier living the lie. I’m going to let you fly tonight, Frank. I’m not even going to try to stop you. That’s because I know you’ll be back on Monday.

Frank Abagnale, Jr.: Yeah? How do you know I’ll come back?

Carl Hanratty: Frank, look. Nobody’s chasing you.

“Cream Into Butter”

Mr. Strong: Frank, would you like to say grace? …Unless you’re not comfortable.

Frank Abagnale, Jr.: Absolutely. Two little mice fell into a bucket of cream. The first mouse quickly gave up and drowned, but the second mouse, he struggled so hard that he eventually churned that cream into butter and he walked out. Amen.

Mrs. Strong: Oh, that was beautiful. The mouse, he churned that cream into butter.