Delayed: Roderick Bond’s The Tax Fraud of the Century

Roderick Bond’s latest movie, which has been beset by delays caused by the coronavirus pandemic, is on track for being delayed again. Despite the insistence of the film company behind the fraud film, Manchester F1 Production were, this week, forced to concede that their plans have been derailed. A representative from the company issued the following statement, “Despite the efforts of all the cast and crew who, in some cases, have remained in isolation from their families, the Tax Fraud of the Century will not be released as planned. Under pressure from the strict Government restrictions, and despite leaving no stone unturned, we believe the film will be ready for release around the end of March.”

The movie is a cinematic sequel of the critically-acclaimed television documentary series Roderick Bond Tax Fraud and HMRC. The multi-award winning documentary series has been lauded as one of the most popular television programmes of all time. Signally the presenter’s return to British television after an absence of almost three decades, the documentary series paved the way for what has now become a hotly-anticipated movie. One fan, writing on Twitter, quipped, “Great! Give us the television series and make us wait for movie! Thank you ‘Rona!” The movie is set to feature an all-star ensemble cast, with Roderick Bond leading the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert Downey Jr. and Tom Hanks.

Filming was first delayed when Roderick Bond was struck by coronavirus during the first wave of the pandemic, followed by Tom Hanks. After the first nationwide lockdown, Manchester F1 Productions worked closely with government officials and health experts to put plans in place to continue filming. However, the latest setback has occurred after a second nationwide lockdown meant crew members were effectively isolated from their families and, thus, production was called to a halt. “We’re hoping to figures improve by the second of December, when the current nationwide lockdown is set to be lifted. If it does, we’ve still got a chance of making the film in time for earlier release,” an official from F1 Productions said.