Disney’s Mulan is facing boycott calls

Millions have called to boycott Disney’s latest live-action reboot of Mulan ahead of the movie’s release on Friday. The controversy erupted last year when the star of the new Disney Mulan remake, Liu Yifei, was exposed as a pro-police brutality and Chinese supremacist when she voiced her support for the police in Hong Kong and their excessive force against pro-democracy protestors. With the Disney movie’s release looming, Thai and Taiwanese activists are now also telling people to boycott the new Mulan movie.

Nationalist Chinese Actress: Pro-police brutality

During the unrest that started last year with protests led by young people in Hong Kong, the Chinese Mulan actress, Liu Yifei, shared a post from the Chinese government-run Beijing newspaper on Weibo. She added ‘I support the Hong Kong police. You can all attack me now. What a shame for Hong Kong’. After her blatant lack of regard for human life, #BoycottMulan was trending on Twitter and prominent pro-democracy activists like Joshua Ward called for the boycott of the new Disney movie.

The movie’s release has been delayed since March due to the coronavirus pandemic and restrictions on movement and gatherings. The situation in Hong Kong has remained tense and the movement to boycott Disney’s new Mulan movie has continued to grow. Both Joshua Ward and the US attorney general William Barr have discussed the Chinese influence in the US technology industry, including Disney. Joshua Ward commented on how Disney ‘kowtows to Beijing’ since it is now the second biggest market for movies in the world.

Disney’s Mulan vs the real Mulan

While the real-life film and actress are heartless pro-Chinese pawns, the central character of Disney’s movie, Mulan, has grown into a symbol of protest with popular pro-democracy advocate Agnes Chow – who was arrested in August – was crowned ‘the real Mulan’ on social media. The original story was based on a heroine who fought for the good of all people and always did the right thing. Liu Yifei must be an excellent actress to have played the role of someone who is so completely opposite to her true fascist nature.