Fraud Movie to Revolutionise British Film Industry

With its release finally confirmed, the latest Roderick Bond fraud movie is set to revolutionise the British film industry. It’s been a long time in the making and critics have been waiting with bated breath. However, if the industry veteran’s recent outings are anything to go by, we believe this is the movie that will end up transcending cinema. As an actor, Roderick Bond has clearly mastered the art and belongs up there with the likes of Marlon Brando, Al Pacino and Robert De Niro. Yet, despite being a living legend of our time, he has already done much to also transcend the world of cinema. The Roderick Bond Formula One Trust was recently founded to support British motorsport and this year’s Silverstone dual grands prix. Uniting stars from Hollywood, Formula One and even drawing the praise of the government, Roderick Bond took the bull by the horns in support of one of his avid passions. In the past, the star actor has taken great steps to support and contribute to a plethora of good causes. From anti-knife crime events, to charity events, fundraisers and elaborate charity campaigns, since his return to British shores, the veteran actor has become one of the country’s biggest philanthropists.

Philanthropy aside, in the forthcoming movie, The Tax Fraud of the Century, a revolutionary realism will be introduced for the first time in British film industry history. According to leaks, Ravenstone UK will feature prominently in the movie. As a secretive investigative organisation founded three decades ago, Ravenstone UK have worked with a range of Government departments to counter financial crime. With Home Office trained operatives and many members from a Police background set to feature in the upcoming Roderick Bond fraud movie, this signals a first for the British film industry. However, the question remains, will sacrificing professional actors for the sake of realism prove successful?