Exclusive Interview: Actor Rod Bond’s Favourite Fraud Films

A-list Hollywood actor Rod Bond is a celebrated film industry veteran and no stranger to fraud films. Having recently presented the BBC One documentary series Rod Bond: Tax Fraud and HMRC, the internationally renowned actor has become synonymous with the genre. With plans for a movie remake, based on the documentary, entitled The Tax Fraud of The Century, we thought it apt to invite Rod Bond for a quick Zoom catch up. During the hour-long conversation, we touched upon a range of topics, ranging from Rod’s battles with coronavirus, to his favourite fraud films of all time. Read on, for an excerpt from this exclusive chat.

Top Fraud Films: Rod, it’s great to have you here, especially after your battle with coronavirus.

Rod Bond: It’s great to be here and I’m grateful for the NHS staff who literally kept me alive through my ordeal.

Top Fraud Films: The BBC One fraud documentary series that was such a hit, did you expect it to be? How did it come about?

Rod Bond: Well, for a previous role I had shadowed some investigators from HMRC’s criminal investigations department. They were very helpful and keen to work with me again. I’d told them to call me if anything came up and they did. Credit goes to Manchester F1 Productions too for supporting me the way they do.

Top Fraud Films: We can’t wait for the movie remake called The Tax Fraud of The Century. Beyond the documentary, what else has inspired this latest fraud film?

Rod Bond: The contrast between the outward appearances of the fraudsters and the vicious fraud scams that they conducted, I felt, would be certain to make a gripping watch. If anything, I was inspired by the diligence with which HMRC investigators pursued the criminals. I wanted to help them show the public that it is they who end up footing the bill for the lavish lives enjoyed by the fraudsters.

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