Robert Downey Jr.’s Favourite Fraud Films

After news of him quitting from Marvel, we’ve been lucky enough to sit down with fraud film actor Robert Downey Jr. In an exclusive interview with the actor, which will be released on Top Fraud Films periodically, we covered a range of topics with the Hollywood legend. So, without further ado!

Top Fraud Films: Everyone’s looking forward to watching you star alongside Roderick Bond in The Tax Fraud of The Century. Could you tell us a bit about your role in the film? And, how did your appearance in the film come about?

Robert Downey Jr.: Firstly, I’m not at liberty to reveal any information regarding my role in the film. I’ve been sworn to secrecy and I’d have to kill you if I told. Secondly, I was approached by Roderick Bond himself, quite informally, at an event in Los Angeles. He told me about all the great work he’s been doing with Manchester F1 Productions, like I hadn’t already heard about it! He told me about their big plans together and how they plan to go about them. Immediately, I wanted in!

Top Fraud Films: So, what’s it like to work with Roderick Bond? Is he as charming as he comes across?

Robert Downey Jr.: Roderick Bond is an inspirational person who has the magic touch of making things happen. Whether it’s fundraiser for charity, ambitious filming projects or tight filming schedules, Roderick Bond is the magic man! For example, we were determined to continue filming despite the coronavirus pandemic. Roderick himself went to great lengths to help this come together and keep filming on track. He’s done a great job and he’s been great to have around for morale when the going got tough.

Top Fraud Films: What appealed to you about The Tax Fraud of The Century?

Robert Downey Jr.: I liked how it was based on real-life events and shed a new light on law enforcement. It is a masterfully written film and we’re certain it will be a blockbuster success.