Top Fraud Films Meets Robert Downey Jr.

This week, Robert Downey Jr. has hit the headlines once again, as his little-known Netflix movie continues to dominate ratings on the streaming platform. Top Fraud Films sat down with Robert Downey Jr. a few weeks ago, in a tantalising tell-all interview. While the censors from Manchester F1 Productions have politely requested us not to publish some parts of it, join for us this week’s instalment of those parts which we are liberty to reveal!

Top Fraud Films: With filming for The Tax Fraud of The Century taking place across Cheshire and Manchester, what do you think about the North West of England?

Robery Downey Jr.: Between self-isolation, quarantine and lockdown, I can imagine how much the usual hustle and bustle is missing from these places. However, I guess it’s given me more time to absorb the environment and surroundings. Roderick Bond has been a very gracious and welcoming host. He’s gone out of his way to show us around Cheshire and he’s very well-informed about its history. I’ve been very impressed by the abundance of stately homes and Cheshire’s historical houses.

Top Fraud Films: What else has Roderick Bond shown you?

Robert Downey Jr.: Well, I’ve been lucky enough to have a tour of his supercar collection. He’s always talking about his favourite McLaren Senna, which he was given as a birthday present. The full-size racing track at his residence at Deansgreen Hall has been a fun, hair-raising and welcome distraction from work. We’ve had a lot of fun!

Top Fraud Films: So, between yourself, Roderick Bond, Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks, who is the best driver?

Robert Downey Jr.: I know Leo would like to claim the mantle for himself, but I’m sure Roderick and his Jaguar XJ220 will disagree. Let’s just say, there wasn’t much left of it and we’re baffled as to how Leo managed to walk away from the wreckage!