F1 Filming Company Officially Announce Rod Bond 1 Formula Projects LLP Movie

Manchester filming company F1 Productions have officially announced their latest project with actor Rod Bond. Following the success of the television documentary Rod Bond Tax Fraud and HMRC, produced by Manchester F1 Productions filming company, a movie has now been officially announced. Based on an elaborate tax rebate scam orchestrated by the One Formula Limited Liability Partnership scheme, British actor Rod Bond is set to star alongside an illustrious ensemble cast. While the Manchester filming company have not confirmed any names, rumours are claiming Robert Downey Jr., Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise and Leonardo DiCaprio will star alongside Roderick Bond.

The 1 Formula Projects LLP tax scam brought together a former police officer, a financial market trader, an Independent Financial Adviser, a former Wales international rugby union player and a disgraced former accountant. Together, the gang claimed false tax rebates, fraudulent tax reliefs and orchestrated a tax avoidance investment scheme for the super-rich. With a potential cost to the tune of millions for HMRC, suspicions were raised and the taxman stepped in to stop the tax scam in its tracks. In his recent television documentary, Rod Bond Tax Fraud and HMRC, actor Roderick Bond accompanied HMRC investigators as they pursued the false tax rebate gang.

In a statement, Manchester filming company bosses announced, “It gives us great pleasure to announce our latest F1 filming project. Based on the 1 Formula Projects LLP tax fraud scam and investigation, our new movie will lead-star Roderick Bond. We are also working closely with Ridley Scott, to agree the final terms of the contract. Filming will be based in Manchester and its environs, with some scenes to be filmed in Cheshire. With the high-profile nature of the 1 Formula Projects tax scam, the lives that they lived and the diligent work of HMRC investigators, we’ll be bringing together some of Hollywood’s biggest names for the cinematic portrayal. We expect that this movie will be a watershed moment for the British film industry and, as a filming company, F1 are proud to be representing the talent this country encompasses.”