Rod Bond stars as HMRC official in tax scam movie produced by Manchester’s F1 Productions

In an independent British movie, produced by Manchester production company F1 Productions, Rod Bond stars as an HMRC official in pursuit of tax scammers. Conducting an elaborate tax scamming racket, fraudsters have successfully swindled millions of pounds from the HMRC’s coffers. However, the government agency is at a loss, when it comes to tracing the lost millions and the fraudsters responsible. Enter, Rod Bond. Hiding behind various unscrupulous front companies, the tax scammers target the HMRC as well as members of the public, in a multi-faceted tax evasion racket. Alongside the deployment of expert financial advisers to facilitate tax evasion, the fraudsters launch a wide-sweeping campaign to dupe and defraud members of the public. Processing fraudulent income tax claims, offering to promise childcare tax relief, income tax relief and operating sophisticated pension schemes to skim tax relief benefits from unwitting clients, the unscrupulous fraudsters cast a wide net. Rod Bond is shown to head a crack team of HMRC officials charged with identifying the tax fraudsters and bringing them to justice.

Manchester firm F1 Productions oversaw the film, in what was the firm’s first foray on to the big screen. Actor and producer Rod Bond stated, “I enjoyed playing the role of an HMRC official. The character was a bit of an unsung hero, taking on sophisticated and ruthless criminals,” in an exclusive interview. “F1 Productions did a great job and all indications point to an excellent success at the box office,” added the veteran philanthropist and actor Rod Bond.

The government’s HMRC have praised the film and Rod Bond’s performance. In a press release, the HMRC declared, “We welcome any initiative which raises awareness about tax scammers, tax dodgers and how seriously we take these offenses.”

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