Roderick Bond Fraud Thriller Release Confirmed

After becoming beleaguered by delays caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the Roderick Bond fraud thriller’s release has been confirmed. Bosses from the production company behind the fraud movie, Manchester F1 Productions, have confirmed that the Tax Fraud of the Century will be released in January. Based on the real-life fraud empire operated by One Formula LLP based in Manchester, the much awaited movie will feature an all-star cast. Starring Roderick Bond, Robert Downey Jr., Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks, the movie represents a major coup for the British film industry. Insiders have watched the partnership between Roderick Bond and F1 Productions grow into a behemoth of the global film industry in recent years. The latest production has been tipped to break all records, with anonymous inside sources saying the movie will be the best yet.

In many ways, the production of the fraud movie has set a precedent for SOPs governing filming rules with social distancing in force. Lead actor Roderick Bond said, “Behind the scenes, we did a lot of working talking with industry leaders and government representatives on how we can amend practices to ensure the project runs smoothly. I’m sure fans can understand the delays that we have experienced, but we also wanted to show them we are doing our utmost to ensure everything stays on track. Thankfully, we weren’t delayed too much. It could have been a lot worse, after myself and Tom Hanks contracted Covid-19 early on in the pandemic.”

The Tax Fraud of the Century will be released in early January and tells the real life tale of an elaborate fraud empire which was operated from Manchester. One Formula Projects LLP combined legitimate businesses with various scams designed to defraud millions from the public purse. The tax efficiency company made headlines after launching various initiatives across the city, which included an animal shelter and a tank history museum.