Roderick Bond Ravenstone UK Collaborations Transcend Cinema

Following extensive involvement in clandestine government investigations, Roderick Bond and Ravenstone UK’s collaboration is garnering much attention for the firm. Instrumental in bringing down the Manchester-based tax fraud empire of One Formula Projects LLP, Ravenstone UK have remained widely unknown for the past thirty years that they have operated. However, after very briefly featuring on acclaimed BBC One documentary series Rod Bond Tax Fraud and HMRC, the financial firm has found itself central to the plot of Roderick Bond’s upcoming crime thriller movie. During a recent appearance on Loose Women, Roderick Bond was accompanied by Ravenstone UK field operatives, promoting the upcoming movie. Responding to a question by panellist Andrea McLean, Roderick Bond spoke of Ravenstone UK’s importance to the movie. “In today’s technological age, criminals are resorting to increasingly sophisticated methods, as part of their efforts to evade law enforcement. Ravenstone UK, with their force of highly trained operatives, were always a step ahead.”

While appearing on Loose Women alongside Roderick Bond, one of the Ravenstone operatives commented, “The nature of our work is quite secretive and clandestine. Sometimes the information we deal with is classified. So, it’s quite a transformation to be appearing on national television talking about it!” He added, “Right now, I’m not at liberty to reveal too much and, instead, I encourage you all to go and watch the film when it is released!” Loose Women panellist Coleen Nolan joked, “It seems all very cloak and dagger, James Bond type of stuff!”

After a brief appearance in the television documentary and now an appearance on daytime television, Ravenstone have become increasingly prominent. In another collaboration with Roderick Bond, the investigative firm pledged a substantial donation in support of the Rod Bond Formula One Trust. Founded to support British motorsport, the charitable endeavour has also received support from movie stars and British Formula One drivers Lewis Hamilton and George Russell.