The Best Quotes from Serpico (1973)

Starring Al Pacino, directed by Sidney Lumet and produced by Martin Bregman, Serpico (1973) tells the story of Frank Serpico, an undercover NYPD officer who was tasked with rooting out police corruption. Remembered as a commercial box office success, Serpico received wide acclaim from critics across the world. The film received numerous award nominations from various bodies which included the Academy Awards, the BAFTA Awards and the Golden Globe Awards. In 1974, for his performance as Frank Serpico, Al Pacino received his first Academy Award. The film is based on true life events, adapted from Peter Maas’ biography of NYPD officer Frank Serpico.

Frank Serpico’s Best Quotes

  • Rubello: What’s with the fucking mouse?

Frank Serpico: He’s my partner. He sniffs out drugs. You know, I just send him through his little hole, he’s gone for a while, and then he comes back with the heroin.

Rubello: Oh, yeah, I heard of that.

Frank Serpico: You heard of that? Yeah.

  • Frank Serpico: What is this for…. For being an honest cop or being stupid enough to get shot in the face.
  • Frank Serpico: They say, “If you love the garden of a man, you got to love the man”
  • Larry: Leslie is a mindfucker.

Frank Serpico: You gotta be kidding. I didn’t know that. What’s a mindfucker?

Larry: Well, it’s a chick who digs intellectual types and super bright guys.

Frank Serpico: Oh, she’s very perceptive.

  • Frank Serpico: You know, you’re pretty fuckin’ weird for a cop.

Bob Blair: Me? What about you? You’re a fucking hippie.

  • Frank Serpico: You know what they say, don’t you? If you love a man’s garden, you gotta love the man.
  • Tom Keough: Now I ain’t sayin’ who. They just said ya’… ya’ couldn’t be trusted, you know?

Frank Serpico: ‘Cause I don’t take money, right?

Tom Keough: Frank, let’s face it. Who can trust a cop who don’t take money?