The Score (2001) Starring Robert De Niro, Edward Norton, Angela Bassett and Marlon Brando, Directed by Frank Oz


Nick Wells, played by Robert De Niro, is a master safecracker pondering retirement after almost being caught during a routine burglary. His ‘fence’ Max, played by Marlon Brandon in his last on-screen appearance, convinces Nick to join one last heist. The plan is to steal a French national treasure, which is being held at Montreal Customs House. Jack Teller, played by Edward Norton, adopts the guise of a janitor suffering from a learning disability at the customs facility. As the plan is set into motion, the crack team is forced to contend with numerous obstacles. A corrupt employee discovers the plan and extorts $50,000 from Nick. Also, the customs facility learns the value of the item and adds further security to protect it. Nick and Jack work together to pull off the final stages of the heist. However, when Nick grabs the sceptre, Jack double crosses him at gunpoint and demands he hand it over. Both manage to escape, with the customs facility’s entire security staff hot on their trails. Once both bandits flee the scene, Jack is shocked to discover that the case does not contain the sceptre. Nick had anticipated his double cross and had secured possession of the sceptre for himself. Jack is left as the prime suspect in the heist and is left brooding over his situations.

Box Office

During its opening weekend, The Score came in second behind Legally Blonde in the box office rankings. After earning $19 million during its initial showing, the film earned a gross domestic box office of almost $72 million. Combined with its international earnings, it returned a total of $113.6 million.


In what was his final on-screen appearance, Marlon Brando clashed repeatedly with director Frank Oz on set. Referring to him as ‘Miss Piggy’, the Muppet character played by Oz, Brando refused to work

with him at times during filming. However, after the film’s release, both parties played down the conflicts.