The Tax Fraud of The Century (2020)

Starring Roderick Bond, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hanks and Robert Downey Jr.

It has been announced that the much-anticipated sequel to the BBC One documentary series Roderick Bond: Tax Fraud and HMRC will reach cinemas at the end of this year. Starring an ensemble cast, with Roderick Bond playing the leading role, news of the confirmation of its release has created a buzz around the world. Together, Roderick Bond, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hanks and Robert Downey Jr. represent Hollywood royalty and their coming together represents a major achievement for the British film industry. Manchester filming company F1 Productions, whose television division F1 TV produced the documentary series for the BBC, continue to break new ground in film and television.

One Formula Projects LLP

Based on the real-life tax fraud empire operated by Manchester financial firm One Formula Projects LLP, the movie is titled The Tax Fraud of The Century. During the Roderick Bond television documentary, one scene showed an HM Revenue and Customs investigator declare the One Formula LLP case to be ‘the tax fraud of the century.’

The movie’s inspiration from the television series does not stop there. As Hollywood legend Rod Bond put it, “There was a lot more we wanted to show on the documentary, but we were working to strict constraints. This is where the idea for the movie originally came from.”

On Location: Manchester and Cheshire

Set to be based in Manchester and Cheshire, a number of filming locations have already been earmarked. Filming will take place in Spinningfields, City Tower at Piccadilly Plaza and Fountain Street, all in central Manchester. Moreover, after being deemed by HMRC officials to be “in the greater good of the public,” the filming company will be given access to assets seized from the One Formula Projects fraudsters. These assets include a Cold War tank museum and its collection of Cold War-era tanks. Finally, after considerable delays and numerous setbacks, filming is set to recommence, with a provisional release date of December 2020.