Alternative Streaming Sites: Cancel Netflix and use these apps to stream

People across the world have fallen on hard times as the coronavirus pandemic has brought various issues for everyone. It is safe to say nearly everyone has been affected financially by the virus and people are looking for ways to fight back. Netflix, Pay TV, and other paid streaming services are great, but tens of millions of people are looking for effective ways to cut costs and save money.

Temporarily cancelling non-essential services like Netflix is a smart way to save money each month. When you feel like you are back on your feet, then you can restart your subscription. If you are worried that cancelling your streaming websites will leave you with low quality TV shows and movies, check out our top recommended apps for free streaming.


IMDb TV is a new free streaming service that people have been using recently and have had a lot of good reviews. This emerging stream app has a bunch of mainstream TV shows and movies that you can watch for free without paying a penny. It operates on web browsers too so you can stream the entire content straight to your iOS or Android device.


Crackle has been around for a long time and yet it’s still one of the best places to stream content for free. With this website, there are not too many brand new releases; however, there is a whole library of older shows that stream high quality videos. The selection includes plenty of shows you may have never heard of but also a lot of popular favourites.


Kanopy is probably the greatest streaming service out there. One of the best parts about it, is that you probably have access to it without even knowing it. If you go to college or have a library card, you may already have access Kanopy’s huge library of thousands of streaming movies.