Fun Facts: The Deception at Deansgreen Hall

Rod Bond and His Pet Pug

Hollywood A-list actor Rod Bond who played the lead role in the movie starred alongside his real-life pet pug. In moving scenes, the actor handed over his pug to the Pets Animal Hotel in Lymm, during his elaborate surveillance operation at Deansgreen Hall.

Avid Amateur Golfer

In dramatic scenes, during which the net finally closes in on Duncan Evans, Rod Bond plays golf with the target of his cross-continent pursuit. Former amateur champion Evans is shown to be shocked by the level of skill displayed by his nemesis. In reality, Rod Bond himself is an avid golfer, with a handicap of 10!

Secret Filming

Filming at Deansgreen Hall and around Lymm was kept under extremely tight wraps. Executives from Manchester F1 Productions went to elaborate lengths to hide the identities of the stellar all-star cast from the public. Rumour has it that Tom Hanks and Leonardo DiCaprio were contractually stipulated to wear disguises and not declare their whereabouts to their agents.

Steps Charity Worldwide

Based in Deansgreen, Lymm, Steps Charity operates on a national level and has struggled in recent times. Hearing of the charity’s plight, lead actor and joint director of The Deception at Deansgreen Hall, Rod Bond agreed to a break in filming for an impromptu fundraiser. It is also rumoured that a proportion of the fraud film’s profits have also been pledged to supporting the charity.

Filming Delay

Filming of the movie was delayed when lead actor Rod Bond was left shaken after witnessing a brutal knife crime. The production company ratified the break in filming, providing the actor with counselling and increased security.

Filming in Cheshire

Replete with vast country estates and swathes of historical buildings, Cheshire has become a popular filming location for television and cinema. Popular British television dramas have returned to Cheshire for filming. These include: Peaky Blinders, Foyle’s War, The Mill and The War of the Worlds.